AWS Cloud Hosting Price for WordPress (2023)

AWS Cloud WordPress Hosting Price – Cloud VPS Plans: Do you have WordPress/WooCommerce, SAAS web applications, or multiple e-commerce sites? Are you planning to move to AWS?

aws cloud hosting price

And don’t you fully understand the AWS pricing model? In this blog, we walk you through the cost of AWS hosting!

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Online many peoples search for AWS, s3, redshift, AWS lambda, ec2, AWS s3, and AWS ec2, etc. related terms because they want to best Cloud Hosting Plans.

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Luckily you’ll find it on the current blog – while based on my experience – what is the function of the website, and what is the cost of AWS cloud hosting involved in the business cases? In conclusion, I will present the AWS component that is best for your website as well as the price of your AWS web hosting, intended to facilitate your AWS migration strategy, and AWS Vs. has feasibility.

A few months ago, I wrote an answer on Quora about how much WordPress and WooCommerce hosting on AWS depends on the goals and types of web/website applications. This opening gives us perspective and other angles on how to measure the cost of hosting AWS. In addition, it is a determinant to outline AWS hosting cost based on traffic, web website code size (WordPress), and multiple websites/applications that are hosted on the same server (e.g., EC2).

AWS cloud hosting price scenarios:

A company hosting a WordPress site with many users per day is not the same as hosting an e-commerce site with hundreds of visitors per day. In addition, it is essential to consider how your traffic is distributed by dividing your system web and architecture, i.e., MySQL database, web server, load balancer, etc.

aws cloud hosting price

All these variables – All these variables in AWS cloud hosting pricing Web are important to them as they can develop your overall bills if properly controlled/monitored.

1. Deploy a micro instance (Server) for FREE:

AWS has a free server with a micro instance called “AWS Free Tier” – this offer lasts for one year. When the trial period ends, micro instances cost between $8 – 10 USD per month. With a micro instance, you can host a small website, landing page, static website, or a small development server.

2. Hosting some WP blogs, corporate websites, and landing pages:

For this scenario, where you have many lightweight websites, you can handle a small EC2 instance (t2.small instance), which can cost around $16 – 20 USD per month – which includes storage and bandwidth.

3. Hosting several websites within a Server/VPS:

For web agencies that host multiple WordPress sites on VPS or Sepinel servers, you can migrate your VPS to AWS, and use an EC2 middle instance with 2 CPUs and 4 GB of RAM. The latter can be around $33 – 50 USD per month. If you have an e-commerce website with high traffic/CPU, consider adding more AWS instance capability, ie: Larger EC2 Instances (T2.Large).

4. As AWS LightSail VPS or Specialized Server:

For those who need a simple server or VPS for a similar price, this is the AWS component for you. AWS Lightseal pricing plans start from $5 to 80 USD per month. So, if you are VPS/CPANEL or one click installed, you can select AWS LightSail, which is basically basic and can be managed and discovered.

5. Hosting high-traffic applications or WooCommerce with thousands of users per month with high availability:

In this scenario, it is important to distribute your AWS architecture across at least two AWS -Database components (AWS RDS), and Web Server (EC2 instance) with medium capacity (eg T2.Medium EC2) – both. Also, for delivering static content (images, video, CSS, js, etc.) it is recommended to consider Amazon S3. AWS Architecture is described as costing between $80-150 USD per month.

Based on my experience, this includes MVP startup applications, small Cloud Elementor applications, websites with significant traffic (20-100 thousand users per month), and e-commerce/WooCommerce production with similar traffic.

7. Maintain websites and/or applications with thousands of users per month:

AWS server capacity will vary, but you naturally need a larger server, including 1 x. Large instances for the database and 1 x for the web server. Of course, the AWS hosting fee is around $300 – $400 USD.

8. Host Applications Atlas High-Skilled or Small Startups with DevOps and CI/CD:

Apparently, sophisticated AWS settings lead to higher AWS hosting fees. CloudFront CDN, AWS Elastic, AWS ELB, AWS Autoscaling, and other modern AWS components will produce an increase in your AWS billing. Presented AWS architectural cost is around $300 – 800 USD per month or more. To learn more about what a mother’s application is, in a very measured law, I encourage you to learn more about it in this article.

Final Words

Do I remember the scenario? Maybe AWS Spot Instance? Please share your thoughts!

As a final thought, you now have a clear view of AWS hosting costs. In addition, we find the different scenarios you can use with your digital products and what components are needed by architects on AWS. Hopefully, this article will help you decide whether to use AWS and be successful in achieving your AWS application migration.

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